Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Notice for repairs

- Items brought for repair may be replaced with identical refurbished items.

- Repairing items might cause data loss.

Payments – for any queries please contact us

Exchanging property

-  Goods will not be handed over until full payment has been made

Insurance and risks regarding goods

As soon as the good are delivered to your specified premises, the responsibility of theft, damage and all insurance responsibility will pass over to you.

Nature of contract

- date of service provision and delivery dates are estimates only but best efforts will be put to meet any estimated dates.

- it might be required to send an item to a third party for repairs but priority given to diagnosis and repair in site.


- In case we are unable to provide a solution, no fees will be charged in relation to that problem

- If diagnosis of a problem indicates our services to be unsatisfactory, we will try to provide a quick solution at no additional costs

- We cannot provide solution to a problem beyond our scope of service guarantee.

- No warranty is provided on sale of goods manufactured by a third party

What customers are expected to do

  • Customers are required to pay for any adjustments or replacements
  • Operator under you must be sufficiently trained to be able to use the goods purchased
  • You must perform general maintenance procedures
  • Reports of errors must be provided quickly
  • An adult must be present when an on-site service is being provided.
  • You have to take the precaution as instructed
  • You should not attempt to modify any software provided


- Authorities will not be responsible for any copyright infringement by the user or any third party

Cancellation of appointments

- In case of being unable to deliver your goods or provide services, your order might be cancelled and a written notice sent to you

- If the customer cancels an onsite service, a cancellation fee may be charged depending on the expenses and losses incurred

-The client must notify us 24 prior if they want to cancel an appointment with us, however, failing to do so will penalize the client with 50% as a cancellation fee.

-If we cancel an appointment, then we shall notify the client 12 hours earlier at the least and if we fail to do so then 20% discount will be given to the client.

Pricing on same day service

- The pricing for same day service will be different than weekdays i.e. 100$ for the first half hour and 80$ for the subsequent half hours.

Notice regarding repairs

If by any means, we have to take the said item for off-site investigation, the client is expected to oblige and give a written consent or email approval in order for us to further find solutions for the client.

7 Days money return policy

If your appointed concern about a problem persists and reappears after a geek has visited and given you a solution, then we will either give you a full refund or work to solve the same issue free of charge.


  • You must notify us within 7 days at most, failing to do so will nullify this policy and you will no longer be applicable for a refund.
  • This policy only applies IF the said issue or concern is the same as the one our geeks were called upon to find a solution to.
  • After the deduction, if it turns out that the said issue or concern has not reappeared by itself and the client mistakenly had a hand in it, then there will be a certain fee the client has to provide.

Your Feedback

Any feedbacks, suggestions and complaints are very welcome

Booking Rules:

All customers are required to have a booking proof in the form of the booking number sent to them via the confirmation email sent by Geeks Sydney. Failure to do so shall turn the booking to be invalid and thus nullify our services and grants to the customers.

Importance of Invoices:

All customers are expected to hold on to their invoices given by Geeks Sydney to keep an account of the services provided by us. It is also required for the customer to produce the valid invoice in case of a need of warranty or any other follow up services by Geeks Sydney. Failure to do so will nullify any warranty or grant promised by Geeks Sydney to the customers.

All payments must be paid on the Geeks Platform and must NOT be given personally to any of Geeks Sydney’s employees or contractors. In any such event, Geeks Sydney will be considered “unpaid” for their services and will not be responsible if the customer has to pay the due amount once more.
For further information regarding payments- Contact us.

Note: All dealings must be done with Geeks Sydney in the Geeks Sydney system itself and must not be associated with any third parties or employees of Geeks Sydney in order to avoid any inconvenience to the customers in the near future.


All Terms and Conditions are subjected to change as per the law states or as Geeks Sydney deem necessary.