Remote Service

Geeks Remote Services

Geeks Sydney offers this unique service which allows our geeks to remotely troubleshoot issues and perform proactive maintenance for our customers without them having to come over to us! It also helps us in assisting our clients in certain task while also monitoring performance and taking counter-measures in order to keep their system healthy and safe.

Hiring Remote Services

Set Appointment

To hire our remote services, click on “Book Online” on our home page and describe your concerns and what help you require. After this step, complete your due payments and we will be good to go.

Set a Schedule

Schedule an appointment. Let us know when and at what time you would want us to perform the said services. Be cautious as to not miss out on the schedule to avoid any inconvenience later.

Download Teamviewer

Download Teamviewer and install on your computer. Our geeks will be connected to you via Teamviewer while performing the necessary operations.

Our Remote Services

Software installation & configure

We will Install the software of your choice or choose the most suitable for you and configure it for your convenience.

iTunes Setup

Our expertise includes creation and iTunes account, and assisting in managing songs, playlists and many more iTunes features.

iCloud Setup

We will make sure you won’t have to worry about losing anything on your iPhone, and everything safely stored in the cloud and we will also assist you in storage management.

Dropbox Setup

We will aid you in creation of Dropbox account and effective management of storage space of your drives.

Google Drive Setup

Our experts can setup your Google drive account and manage storage space efficiently, we can also help you manage storage between your systems drive and Google drive.

Photo Backup

Our services include setting up media backups optimized for your needs and your device and recovering media from backups.

Email Setup (POP3, IMAP, Cloud)

We can create emails of your own brand choice; we also set up emails on IOS, android, windows and many different platforms.

Email Client Configuration (Outlook, Mac Mail)

We configure email clients suiting the customer’s requirements and making the client much more user-friendly to the customer and very easy to use.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We will scan your device/s with the best anti-virus and anti-spyware software for viruses and spywares and assure you that none remain.

Data Backup & Recovery

We set up backups so you can be relieved of the worry of losing data, and our experts will provide data recovery whenever required.

Computer Training

We provide all sort of computer training inclusive of training for using specific specialist soft-wares and re-skilling workers for dealing with IT systems.

General Troubleshooting

Our experts are skilled in analyzing issues with you gadgets and they can assist you in resolving such issues quite comfortably.

Managing Business Computers

We provide experienced people in business IT management capable tracking down issues and weaknesses of business IT systems and providing optimal solutions.

Managing Business Website

If one has an online entrepreneurship, a small business or a home based business, then it is crucial for a seamless point of sales to be established and managed by quality individuals.

Website Development

We have talented website developers, designers and other experts who are experienced in both commercial website development and maintenance and are equipped with the right tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A process used to help increase a websites visibility on the internet and increase its rank in various search engines by following specific search engine friendly guidelines.

We provide remote services for both homes and businesses!

So why wait while you can get started immediately to fully enjoy our services? Get in touch with right away by clicking the “Book Online” button and complete the necessary steps. We assure you that we will not fail to deliver!